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It Began with Huntley Drinkley

Journey Through Alcoholism and Bipolar Disorder

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Janny Becker is the author of various addiction biographies that centers around bipolar and alcohol addiction in people. The latest publication, “It Began with Huntley Drinkley” is a book that sets the concepts of alcoholism symbol and recovery in men and women going through a hard time in their life. And it is known as the best books for recovering alcoholics and books for bipolar.

What is it that can hold our lives away from disaster? And what happens when disaster finds us anyway? How do we survive? This memoir describes the author’s experience of successfully managing the potential devastation of bipolar disorder and alcoholism and is a model for approximately five million adult Americans with this syndrome. It is also a guide for anyone trying to live with their life obstacles rather than running away from them. Presented as a story rooted in a seemingly innocent practice in her family during the late 1950s, it shows twists and turns that can lead one life toward the edge of devastation and to find its bearings again. When she was twelve years old, she was allowed to join the family in their cocktail hour as they watched NBC News with Chet Huntley and David Brinkley every evening. At their house, this time was known as “Huntley Drinkley.”
This book pulls on professional and personal experiences as a person who has succeeded in living a productive and interesting life while managing alcoholism and bipolar disorder. Becker’s experiences are shared to encourage others that both diseases are treatable, and if treatment is followed, chances are good for not just a good life but for a special life.
Her parents’ philosophy was that if she and her sister were allowed to drink with them, they would not experiment with alcohol outside their home, where they might get into trouble. In reality, what happened was her sister and she became daily drinkers like their parents, doing “Huntley Drinkley” every evening for years. The danger of that pattern, along with a diagnosis in early adulthood of bipolar disorder, sent her on a parallel path of high professional performance and a secret spiral downward until she almost hit bottom. The conditions that can lead a person there, and save them, are the heart of this animated story of hope, self-love, and resilience.
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