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It Began with Huntley Drinkley by Janny Becker

Janny Becker is the author of various addiction biographies that centers around bipolar and alcohol addiction in people. The latest publication, “It Began with Huntley Drinkley” is a book that sets the concepts of alcoholism symbol and recovery in men and women going through a hard time in their life.
The publication is a guide for those struggling through bipolar and alcohol blackouts and who want to cope with the issue once and for all. The book serves as a ray of hope and direction to take back control of their lives for such people.

Book for Victims of Alcoholism and Bipolar Disorders

The publication by Jenny Becker is a guideline for people going through alcoholism or who have bipolar disorder. They want a way out of these problems and lead happy life but have difficulty taking the first step. We have the best books for recovering alcoholics and books for bipolar.


The book helps such victims take a step forward and own their situation to take back control of their life. The chapters and overall story of the book gives a chance for these people to manage their lifestyle.
Getting rid of an addiction or a mental issue is never easy, and victims need all the help they can muster. The book shows them that they are not the only ones to sobriety, and many others are going through the same phase.

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